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Steel Clad Aluminum Brake
SCA Brake Theoretical Temperature Increase

The SCA rotor is a solid steel clad aluminum disc with mounting hat. Its theoretical temperature increase
equation is slightly different:
With the same disc brake OD and thickness, a solid SCA rotor can store more heat than a vented cast iron
= theoretical temperature increase, °C

= the percentage rear braking

= vehicle weight, kg

= initial velocity, m/s

= final velocity, m/s

= gravitational constant, 9.8 m/s^2

= rotor body material density, kg/m^3

= rotor body material specific heat capacity, J/kg °C

= rotor body material volume, m^3

= clad material density, kg/m^3

=  clad material specific heat capacity, J/kg°C

= clad material volume, m^3
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SCA Brake