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Steel Clad Aluminum Brake
Pad Wear Rate Reduction

The pads against a SCA rotor have demonstrated great
wear rate reduction in comparison with the pads against a
cast iron rotor on a vehicle road test. A set of new pads
(premium, purchased from Auto Value, Part #: PMP
MKD601S), a new front SCA rotor (on the driver side) and
a new front cast iron rotor (on the passenger side) were
2004. After 42,800 miles of driving or in September of
2007, the pads were replaced and examined. Table 7
presents the pad’s wear information. FIG 20 is a closer
look of the wears of the pad against the SCA rotor and the
pad against the cast iron rotor. The pad against the cast
iron rotor is almost completely worn-out but the pad against
the SCA rotor has approximately 1/3 wearing material
remained. The pad wear reduction is consistent with the
lower working temperatures of the SCA rotor.
FIG 20. Wear comparison: the top pad was against
the SCA rotor and the bottom pad was against the
cast iron rotor on different sides of a 1998 Ford
Windstar van.
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