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Steel Clad Aluminum Brake
Brake Dynamometer Tests

Brake dynamometer tests simulate the braking conditions experienced on vehicles. SCA rotors have been
subjected to a series of dyno tests to evaluate their braking performances, temperature responses, friction
coefficients, rotor wears, pad wears, and so on. The obtained data were compared with those of the
equivalent cast iron rotor tested under identical dyno conditions. The results verified the effectiveness of
the new brake system of a SCA rotor connected with an aluminum wheel on greatly lowering rotor working
temperatures as shown in Table 2.

The dyno tests confirm a readily achievable higher friction coefficient of SCA rotor over cast iron rotor as
shown  in Table 3.

The SCA rotor has passed the FMVSS-135 certification test (Table 4). The failure mode tests indicate that
the pads will ruin completely first while the SCA rotor will remain its integrity.
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