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Steel Clad Aluminum Brake
Corrosion Prevention

Both brand new cast iron rotor and SCA rotor were mounted on different sides of a 2008 Ford Windstar
van for a long term local and highway road test. The test lasted for 42,800 miles and four years including
three winters in Houghton, Michigan, a place famous for heavy snowfall from 81 to 356 inches annually.
Lots of salt was used to melt snow and ice on the roads. Driving during winters is a good corrosion
resistance test. FIG 21 shows the appearance of the cast iron rotor and FIG 22 shows the appearance of
the SCA rotor after the four year test. The cast iron rotor rusted badly. The rust blocks the vents of the
rotor, which is detrimental to heat dissipation. The SCA rotor shows some salt corrosion over its body,
which does not affect its performance. A high temperature paint is now coated on all SCA rotors as a
standard procedure over their non-friction but exposed surfaces to prevent the salt corrosion (FIG 23).
The paint won't affect the heat dissipation of SCA rotors otherwise to cast iron rotors since the SCA rotors
are not relied on those surfaces for cooling.
FIG 21. Cast iron rotor after four years in service
FIG 22. SCA rotor after four years in service
FIG 23. Newer version of SCA rotor with high
temperature paint on non-friction and exposed
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