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Steel Clad Aluminum Brake
Aluminum and Steel Bonding

It is a common knowledge that an aluminum based material cannot be surface-hardened, unlike steel
material, by carbonizing or nitriding, due to the nature of aluminum. Aluminum to steel metallurgical
bonding is also very difficult because of the always-existing oxide film on aluminum surfaces. To solve the
problems, our steel and aluminum cladding technique is primarily based on mechanical interlocking
assisted with a reaction metallurgical bonding to ensure absolute reliability for such safety sensitive
application. The advantages of this technology include 1) simplicity; 2) low cost; 3) suitability for
high-volume production; 4) good thermal barrier of steel layer to prevent over temperature of aluminum
underneath; 5) great flexibility in selection of different grade and thickness of steels; 6) better wear
resistance than cast iron; and 7) excellent bonding reliability.
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